We work
to promote ethic life
to a growing public audience

About us

I’m VEGAN promotes a compassionate, healthful, sustainable lifestyle.
Eating an entirely plant-sourced diet, the vegan way of living does not use animals for food, clothing, commodities, sport, or entertainment.

We envision a world where animals are no longer exploited by humans, and the world is in harmony.

I’m VEGAN  utilizes a kind and welcoming voice, respectful of everyone, regardless of where they are (or are not yet) along a vegan journey. I’m VEGAN advocates nonviolently for the abolition of the abuse of animals. I’m VEGAN practices the following values in all aspects of their work and encourages others to do likewise:
Chi siamo EdVerso

From Switzerland to the world

I’m VEGAN  is a Project of EdVerso International, a Not-For-Profit Switzerland organization. We work to promote knowledge and meritocracy between people.

The Founder and President is Alessandro Civati. His vision is to develop a global ecosystem of people and companies that work in the full right respects, with an inclusive vision of life.

We want to support our development with technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence promoting Education, Vision, and Innovation.

We develop collaborations
between the parties

I’m VEGAN develops under its president guidance, with specific support of its technical committee, activities promoting:

  • INTEGRITY of Thought, Word, and Deed
  • ADVANCEMENT of Understanding and Truth
  • ABSTAINING from Animal Products
  • SERVICE to Humanity, Nature, and Creation
  • HARMLESSNESS with Reverence for Life
  • MASTERY over Oneself

Emanuele Di Biase
Vegan Techinal Commitee President

Vegan Technical Committee

The EdVerso Scientific Technical Committee for the Vegan world aims to offer level guidelines for the creation of an ethical environment in full compliance with Vegan principles, to protect animals, correct nutrition, and respect for people.

The Scientific Technical Committee for the Vegan World includes among its duties the of:

Identify periodic and/or annual initiatives;
Identify participants in I’mVEGAN’s social and information initiatives in the sectors of the Vegan world, animal protection and people’s rights;
Promote the development of partnerships between I’m VEGAN and the various institutional interlocutors within its competence;
Identify up to 3 representatives among its members to participate in the Award Councils of the Competitions and Events promoted by I’m VEGAN and EdVerso in general in the Vegan field;
Support the International Presidency in its specific peculiarities.

President: Emanuele Di Biase

Emanuele Di Biase, who became vegan several years ago for ethical reasons, after his choice undertook an extraordinary transformation of cooking and pastry making in a plant-based way, bringing everything to the highest levels.
He believes that people can change their ideas and embrace an entirely vegan diet starting from the table, through tasty sweet and savory dishes, thus eliminating animal suffering.

A clear vision

I’m VEGAN project is for health, for animals, and all of us. To reach its goals we work strategically with

LutinX Blockchain

LutinX.com is the technological platform chosen by I’m VEGAN for the provision of Blockchain certifications.

The public platform offers a free and easy-to-use search explorer where it is possible to verify Digital Credentials issued to every Vegan people or Certifications issued to the companies that will present our patterns. Moreover, all the “I’m VEGAN” users will access a free service for Intellectual property registration, available to Protect business strategies, or simply obtain an authorship certificate for a new Recipe.

Thanks to the correct identification of the parties (KYC Process) and the Blockchain technology we offer an independent, transversal, free consultation and multi-lingual online system.

We work to issue verifiable skills and certifications in Europe, Africa, and America.

Every BBadge issued by I’m VEGAN can be verified online at https://lutinx.com, selecting SKILLS & TALENT for people, and MEMBERSHIP for Companies.


The Italian Confederation of Public Businesses, Pastry Shops, Ice Cream Parlors and Similar Businesses (Conf.I.Pe.Gel.) is an organization representing employers in the food sector and related activities in Italy.

Founded in 2020, Conf.I.Pe.Gel. is managed by the National Secretary Alessandro Algieri, and has the objective of protecting and promoting the interests of Italian public businesses, pastry shops, ice cream parlors and shops selling similar products, representing their interests before public and private authorities in defense of the rights and needs of their members.

The Conf.I.Pe.Gel. it will soon be present widely throughout the national territory through its various regional associations, with which it collaborates to make its voice heard and represent the interests of its members.

The Conf.I.Pe.Gel. provides its members with legal and tax consultancy services, assistance in professional training, information on legislation relating to public businesses and representation at institutions.

The Conf.I.Pe.Gel. it also has a fundamental role in promoting Made in Italy catering in the world, supporting Italian operators in their activities abroad, promoting events and fairs and trying to enhance Italian excellence in the sector.

Finally, the Conf.I.Pe.Gel. is a point of reference for all those who want to start a business in the catering and public sector, pastry shops and ice cream parlors sector, providing support in the creation of new businesses, in the acquisition of authorizations and in professional training.

Chi siamo Sustainable Developement Goals


Signed in 2015 by all countries, the UN Agenda 2030 provides a global framework of reference for policies aimed at pursuing sustainable development from an economic, social, environmental, and institutional point of view.

Concerning the 2030 Agenda, EdVerso International operates transversally concerning:

  • Objective 4: “Quality Education”;
  • Objective 5: “Gender Equality”
  • Objective 16: “Peace, Justice, and Solid Institutions”

In this framework, training plays an important role both in increasing awareness of sustainable development issues and in developing the skills necessary for the public and private world of work.

EdVerso International works closely with national and international bodies to promote human rights and social equality, which are always synergistically found in the promotion of knowledge and training.

For us, technology is the key to human innovation and the door to the good and growth of our communities.

Thanks to technology we can verify the Food supply chain, and protect Animals.
Our “I’m Vegan Verified” certification lets us trace a real supply chain management system increasing the quality and the power of each certificate everyone catches on products or shops.