The ethics underlying our actions

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The Principles​

We work on ethical and sustainable ways for society improvement, adopting simple and effective principles.









The EdVerso Code of Ethics

Ethical foundations of the activities of EdVerso International, its Chapters, and our entire Ecosystem.

We believe in simplicity and clarity, so we explain this Code of Ethics in points, most simply and understandably.


👉 Purposes and contents

The EdVerso International Code of Ethics promotes the ethical principles of EdVerso members and supporters in the professional sphere.
The code of ethics contains the essential ethical principles that drive our project in all the countries where we are present today, as well as an example for the new Chapters opening around the world. It constitutes the basis for behavior in the associative, educational, and cultural fields.
The behavioral rules indicate how these principles should be applied in practice. They serve EdVerso members and supporters as an indicator of morally acceptable behavior.
EdVerso members and supporters gain and promote trust in their work by applying ethical principles and following behavioral rules.

👉 Principles

At EdVerso we adhere to the following principles:

Professional competence

In EdVerso we protect the trust that the public, companies, and institutions expect from us, respecting the information that we regularly publish to confirm the identity and value of the Accredited bodies, as well as the Skills Certifications issued within our EcoSistema, both towards educators and towards learners and workers.


In particular:

👉 Righteousness

In EdVerso

We work correctly and scrupulously, taking on the necessary responsibilities.
We comply with laws and legal provisions.
We develop and promote the legitimate ethical aspirations of our Members, Supporters, and Partners and of the Bodies that Accredit themselves in EdVerso.
We refrain from illicit activities and do not participate in business that could damage the good name of our EcoSystem.

👉 Impartiality

In EdVerso, we effectively expose all the known facts for a transparent, complete, and objective view of our activities and those of the Accredited Entities.
We do not participate in activities and do not maintain relationships that could limit an objective and impartial evaluation of the activity carried out, respectively harming the interests of EdVerso and its EcoSystem.
We do not accept gifts or benefits that could influence our professional integrity.

👉 Confidentiality

In EdVerso we do not disclose confidential information to third parties unless authorized or following legal provisions, neither during nor at the end of the contractual relationship within our ecosystem.
We do not personally profit from information received from a contractual relationship and do not use information that is inconsistent with our ethical principles.

👉 Correctness

In EdVerso we resolve conflicts through direct discussions and concrete approaches, considering the values, expectations, interests, and needs of all participants.
We discuss conflicts of interest, for example regarding the application of the code of ethics, with Partners, Institutions, or the Responsible Bodies at National and International level.

👉 Competence

In EdVerso we are committed to continuous training to guarantee high-level professional and technological performance.
We only accept Supporters and Accredited Bodies suited to Statutory purposes.

👉 Sanctions

In EdVerso, if a person in our EcoSystem does not scrupulously comply with the code of ethics, he or she can be excluded from EdVerso, and removed, for a fixed and/or indefinite period from all EdVerso databases. This procedure takes place upon notification to the Presidency and approved by the same, having consulted, where appropriate, the opinion of trusted experts.

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