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for health, for animals, for all of us

I’M VEGAN is an Inclusive Project of EdVerso International.
 We are a Not-For-Profit switzerland organization active worldwide. The focus of the “I’m Vegan Project” is to create a real community, in which you can feel welcomed and have all the same rights and opportunities. To do so, we use Blockchain technology that helps us within a network of identified and existing users.

You can make an impact.
Be VEGAN let you save every year:

200 Animals

4900 liters of waters

1.5 tons of carbon emissions.

We Certify
Vegan People


We support all the people around the world to distinguish themself with a unique BBadge. This innovative Visual Badge incorporates the most innovative technology based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, every one of us can share it on Socials letting be verified worldwide easily and effectively.

You can have it simply by clicking the buttom button 😉 and add your name, surname, and email. Once we’ll receive your request the BBadgs will be issued in 24/48 hours. (you’ll get two emails from, our service provider). NO CHARGES, it is FREE.


We Certify
Professionals & Products

I'm Vegan Compliance Trademark
I'm Vegan Verified

I’m Vegan” trademarks are becoming an international recognised patterns, recognized for helping Vegan Operators, Restaurants, Factories, Farmers and all the Vegan product produccers to be more accessible ever since.

Registration with “I’m Vegan” gives brands the confidence to shout about their vegan credentials.

We offer two annual patterns:
1) I’m Vegan Compliance – Identify the Business structure that operates under the Vegan principles. This certification is for Restaurants, Hotels, Farmers, Factories, and other business organizations.
2) I’m Vegan Verified is for Factories and Producers of Vegan Products. We analyze the technical sheets of the products, and for big entities, we apply a review of the factory at presence.

How we work

We use an innovative approach based on Technology.
Thanks to our strategic partnership with – a market leader in blockchain and Artificial Intelligence as a service application – we grant Digital Credentials using 1) a full KYC system, 2) a native blockchain infrastructure, and 3) no cryptos.

In this way, EdVerso International, promoter of the “I’m VEGAN Project” verifies and certifies people and organizations, issuing BBadges and digital credentials to our ecosystem’s people and to every company that would like to be certified by us.


You can download here
the BBadges sheet to better understand how Digital Credentials work
and how the Vegan Community can benefit from them.

The Advantages

BE Verifiable Certified

An international guarantee that the recipient of our BBadges (with a BLUE ribbon near his/her name) exists and has been independently verified.

Public Interface

Thanks it is possible to publicly verify, anywhere and always. Every Digital Credentials issued by us can be verified for Internal and External Auditing.

Digital Credentials

We issue to every volunteer, Vegan Professional, and company associated to us, a Digital Credentials, called BBadge. BBadges can be shared with clients, on products, on technical sheets, and even on private resumes.

A better EcoSystem

Thanks to our technological solutions we are creating a trusted ecosystem of people and products, verifiable worldwide. We can build a true Supply chain protecting Animals and our Ethical Values.

and... we do more!

We Educate

We are committed to promoting the advantages of veganism, simplifying the transition to a diet devoid of animal products, fostering a lifelong dedication to vegan living, and enhancing the accessibility of vegan products in the marketplace.

Our numerous outreach campaigns and projects connect with thousands of individuals each year, aiming to impart, inspire, and educate on why choosing a vegan lifestyle is optimal for animals, the environment, and personal health benefits.

We Support

At I’m VEGAN, our mission is to educate and motivate individuals to embrace a vegan lifestyle for the benefit of animals, the environment, and personal health. We are dedicated to creating a better world for all.

Furthermore, we extend support to sanctuaries and organizations committed to aiding animals in distress both today and in the future. Our contributions include donations to animal sanctuaries, microgrants to animal welfare organizations and school programs, as well as sponsorship of grassroots and campus events that promote veganism and advocate for the respect of all living beings.

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