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Blockchain VEGAN Certificates

We are the first to offer – from 2022 – VEGAN certifications using Blockchain technology.


Our logos are registered trademarks that identify Business organizations that agree with I’m Vegan thought and for all the products that do not contain animal parts or by-products and that have not been tested on animals.

We chose to integrate our “Trademark” with Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence technologies resolving the trust problem for fake certifications.

We work in more than 20 countries, with thousands of Merchants, Shops, and Factories that certify their businesses and products with us.

And we’re adding more each day.

We offer two simple and powerful Certifications.

I’m VEGAN Compliance is the first step for Producers, Restaurants, and Food Shops.
I’m VEGAN Verified is specific for products.

I'm Vegan Compliance Trademark

To obtain I’m Vegan COMPLIANCE Certification, for Farmers, Factories, Restaurants, Shops, and Merchant activities you have to agree with our Ethical Code and Recognize the Value of Vegan thought.

This Logo supports the development of your business letting Vegan People know that you respect their thoughts, and offering them your support to choose the best product for them. 

Publishing the I’m Vegan COMPLIANCE logo on your shop, website, and social pages certifies your desire to create better opportunities for every citizen in respect of life in every way.

I'm Vegan Verified

To obtain I’m Vegan VERIFIED Certification, products must exclude meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, and animal-derived ingredients.

This extends to materials like leather, fur, and silk, and excludes sweeteners processed with bone char. Liquids (beer, wine, etc.) must not use animal products in filtration. No animal testing since 2009, and no animal-derived GMOs.

Companies must submit and follow approved sanitation plans to prevent cross-contamination in shared machinery between vegan and non-vegan production cycles.

Robert Nixon
Robert Nixon
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I verified the brand with I'm Vegan logo, directly onlne! it has been very cool 🙂 I see everthing!!! and I bought the product.
Juditte Larson
Juditte Larson
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I choose this restaurant becouse I saw the VEGAN logo on the door. Looking the menu everthing was great
Cler S.
Cler S.
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simply great! I saw I'm Vegan logo on some products inside my lovely food shop. I bought it, and I'll buy again

Let's do it and get recognized!

We offer a unique product checking service, with years of experience, to ensure that your product’s vegan claim is valid and authentic. At the same time we analize the Menu of Restaurants or Ethic Balance for companies that want to access our Blockchain Certificate.

I’m Vegan Trademark holders benefit in a multitude of ways. From credible brand awareness, market insights, and access to the vegan community to discounted advertising opportunities, social media promotion, competitions, and product exposure at events.

Whether you are
a food producer or a restaurant,
I’m Vegan always checks:

No Animal Products

Products approved to carry the “I’m Vegan – Certified” logo must not contain ingredients of meat, fish, fowl, animal by-products (including silk or dyes from insects), eggs or egg products, milk or milk products, honey or honey bee products, or be clarified or finished with any animal products.

Restaurants and Food shops that would like to expose our logo, must have at least one vegan chef and a Vegan Menu verified by us.

No Animal Testing

Products must refrain from conducting any animal testing, whether on ingredients or the final product, by the manufacturer on any animal species within the animal kingdom, whether live or deceased. This prohibition extends to all forms of research, including but not limited to environmental safety assessments, feed or nutrition trials, toxicity testing, and any animal tests or trials deemed “required by law.” 

Restaurants and Food shops must approve our Ethical Guidelines and work to limit – inside their structure – any products, including for cleaning and administration, that have been tested on animals.

No Animal GMO's

Products are required to exclude any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or genetic materials derived from animals, which are utilized in the manufacturing process of both ingredients and final products. This stipulation ensures that the composition and production methods remain free from any modifications involving animal-derived genetic materials or genetically modified organisms.

Restaurants and Food shops must approve our Ethical Guidelines and work to limit any kind of GMO product.

Provide Verification

A meticulous verification process must be applied to all ingredients, confirming unequivocally that neither animal products nor any by-products derived from animals were involved in their manufacturing or the formulation of sub-ingredients. This rigorous scrutiny ensures the adherence to a strict standard of excluding any elements originating from animals throughout the entire production chain, reinforcing the commitment to a cruelty-free and animal-friendly approach.

Submit an application

Please contact us to apply the request form.
Once you have submitted your application, please follow this link to make the required payment.

Please note that submitting an application does not grant authorization to use The I’m Vegan logos. Usage of the logo is only permitted upon approval and permission from EdVerso International.

Unauthorized use or alteration of the I’m Vegan Compliance and I’m Vegan Verified logos is a violation of International  Trademark laws.
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