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Vegan Life by I'm Vegan

A concept, a way of life

🎯 The vegan way of life is open to everyone, but it is not for everyone: it is intended for those who are determined, endowed with a lot of will, capable of putting respect for others above their own pleasures and of overcoming outdated conceptions. ☀️ Being a Vagan requires a long-term perspective, firm intentions and a responsibility towards oneself and the highly evolved surrounding society. It is aimed at those who are sensitive to human and animal suffering, open to spiritual innovation.

In the vegan context, the old principles of “Thou shalt not kill,” “Do not do unto others that which thou wouldst not have them do unto you,” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself” extend to include every sentient being. Motivations are not based only on emotions; it’s not just about preserving the environment for ecological benefit, but rather about the hope for a better future. Being vegan means rejecting complicity in the daily exploitation and slaughter of millions of animals.

👉 Being vegan is not a comfortable choice, it is not just a diet, nor a passing trend; the resulting well-being is the consequence of a conscious, harmonious and positive choice. The vegan person has a broad vision of life, a sensitivity and a profound ethic that extends from compassion for humanity to that for all creatures. It is an openness to love and respect for life in all its forms.

👉 Being vegan is not just a starting point, but rather the culmination of a human conscience that moves towards the collective good. It is a new vision of life, the missing link between primitive man and universalist man. It is the science of the heart, the culture of positive critical reason and the awareness of being able to shape one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Any philosophy, doctrine or religion that does not consider veganism as a goal is destined to fail, as it is symptomatic and incapable of addressing the causes of great human problems. Being vegan is not just a lifestyle, but the solution to problems, with the aim of overcoming the ignorance and lack of compassion that generate injustices and human suffering.

Vegan philosophy focuses on the causes of problems, acting on human consciousness and mind rather than just external systems. Violence, disease, poverty and pollution can be overcome through bioscience and the universal ethic of veganism.

Ignorance, the root of fear, submission and lack of critical sense, can be overcome through commitment to true knowledge and the will not to delegate one’s well-being to others. 🎯  Violence can be broken down by educating the masses to reject dominance, valuing the “small” and practicing empathy.

The disease can be overcome through a correct vegan diet, in line with human nature. Pollution, largely produced by the meat industry, can be addressed with the vegan system as the key to cleaning up the earth.

👉 In the vegan system, every people and every living being is considered part of our own organism, addressing poverty, disease and hunger in the world through the equitable management of natural resources. The vegan person becomes the prototype of a new humanity, an example in every circumstance and purpose.

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